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The Hope, Health and Information Links Below from H I M are for education purposes only.  H I M is not associated with any of these sites and information contained in these sites has not been approved by H I M and should not be construed in any manner as recommended  or endorsed by Healthy, Wealthy and Wise or the HWW Health Staff unless specifically noted in the site information. 

Addiction Treatment Methods and Faith - Forterus - Compilation of beneficial Christian links for faith assistance in seeking help for addiction treatment methods and recovery

Allergies - an Immunition Report by Frank Jordan - What they are - What to do for relief

American Dental Association - Good Database for Oral Health, Dental Information and Dentist Search

American Diabetes Association - Diabetes News and Information in English or Spanish

American Osteopathic Association - Learn about Doctors of Osteopathy (D.O.), the philosophy and training

Arthritis Foundation - Information on all forms of Arthritis and Current Health News Related to Arthritis

Beta Glucan Research - Non-commercial site with Research in Beta Glucan by condition or disease

Beta Glucan Research History - 60 Years of Research History with Major Breakthroughs through Science

Bible Gateway:  Search for any Bible Verse or Verses in Most Bible Versions

Cancer, the Immune System and Beta Glucan - an Immunition Report

CDC - Center for Disease Control & Prevention (Tel: 404-639-3311)

Chiropractors National Directory - Search for a Chiropractor in your Area by Zip Code Nationally

Christian Post Newspaper - Christian News Web Publication

Cholesterol - What is Cholesterol. Learn the Good, the Bad and the Evil!

Colds and Flu - What They are and what You can do Naturally and Nutritionally

Doctor's Questions - What You need to ask your Doctor to have complete Information on Your Situation

Find Articles - A great site to research a subject in publications

Food and Drug Administration - U.S. FDA website with Recalls, Safety Alerts, Hot FDA Topics, Activities and More

Forest Fire Report - Updated Daily for Serious Fires throughout the Nation (requires Adobe Reader)

Forterus - Compilation of beneficial Christian links for faith assistance in seeking help for addiction treatment methods and recovery

FREE Samples - Where and When HWW Listener's can get FREE Stuff!

Fungus and Mold  - What to do Inside and Outside - Immunition Report by Frank Jordan

Google Search Engine - About the best search engine on the web - Federal Government website for info and enrollment in the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)

Healthfinder - A Comprehensive Guide - including Alternative Medicine - developed by the U.S. Dept of Heath & Human Services

Healthology - Excellent Physician generated health and medical site with audio reports also


How Stuff Works! - Another must site for the curious seeking to know!

Homeopathy - Questions and references make this an educational site

Homeopathy 2 - More Information on Homeopathy and Homeopathic remedies

HWW Catalog - The Medical Staff of HWW brings You these Products and Books Just a Click Away!

Hypoglycemia Support Foundation - Information and the Do's and Don'ts on Hypoglycemia, an Abnormally Low Level of Sugar in the Blood

Immunition Reports - West Nile Virus, Smoke and Environmental Toxins, Cancer, Colds and Flu, Allergies, Cholesterol Reports and more by Frank Jordan

Influenza and Colds - 36-50,000 die annually from Influenza while 1 billion catch a cold. Learn more about what they are and what to do naturally and nutritionally

Letters in Applied Microbiology - Peer-reviewed Article Oct 2002 by Dr. Kenneth W. Hunter, Jr. - Science proves microparticulate (small particle) nonaggregated beta glucan superior.

Medical Errors - Website Organized Medicine Detest, from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality!

Medicare - Official Government Site for Medicare and Related Health Matters

Medline Plus - Nat'l Library of Medicine Outstanding Site with Medical Dictionaries, Drug Info and Much More

Medline Plus - Spanish Version - Same outstanding health information site from the NLM in Spanish

NAET Allergy Treatment - Dr. Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques - Alternative Medicine recommended by Dr. John Diamond

National Center for Biotechnology Information - For those who want to know more!

National Institutes of Health - A-Z Index of NIH Health Resources, clinical trials, health hotlines, MEDLINEplus and Drug Information

Naturopathic Medicine Network - What is Naturopathic Medicine and Information in this Medical Field

Nursing Home Care - U.S. Govt. Site with Data to Compare Nursing Homes Nationally - Also How to Choose a Nursing Home

NUTRITIONAL SCIENTIFIC CORPORATION  (NSC) - PATRON SUPPORTER OF the Hope Inspiration Ministry - a Christian Corporation with Outstanding Health Products

PubMed - Periodical and Research Articles and Publications Search Site

Rare Diseases - Office in the National Institute of Health - Information on more than 6,000 Rare Disease and Related Conditions

Terrorism and Unexpected Event Preparation and Response - American Red Cross Materials for Disaster Preparation & Response

Traveler's Health - If you are on the move, put in your destination(s) and review the latest health conditions or advisories

U.S. National Library of Medicine - World's Largest Medical Library with Health Information and Research Programs




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